New Specialty in Physiotherapy Area

The most effective non-invasive neural therapy system for neuromodulation of pain and neuro-vegetative function.

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Want to know more?

Fill out the form to receive the scientific basis of Scenar Physiotherapy.


    The new Physio SCENAR model, developed specifically for physiotherapists, is the device that will help you treat and regulate the entire nervous system in a direct and non-invasive way, with the following functions:

      • Regulation of neurovegetative function
      • Treatment of pain very effectively
      • Control of inflammation
      • Acceleration of regenerative processes
      • Postural and mobility optimization


    We train physiotherapists to be specialists in the regulation of nerve circuits.

    Scenar Physiotherapy is the new Neural Physiotherapy, a noninvasive technique of nervous neurofeedback.

    The Scenar Physiotherapy Therapy was developed in Spain in 2017, with the aim of being launched worldwide, with excellent results:

      • First doctoral thesis outside of Russia (June 2017). Application to central sensitization syndromes (fibromyalgia). Dr. Carlos Udina (Dept. Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Physics, Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid)
      • More than 50 physiotherapists trained in Spain since January 2018 and more than 40 equipped clinics
      • Three public hospitals incorporated Scenar Physiotherapy in Spain in 2018
      • 5 clinical trials taking place in public hospitals, universities and private centers in Spain
      • Coordination of the launch of Scenar Physiotherapy in other EU countries, America and Australia

    If you are a physiotherapist, do not hesitate to take part in this project.