Le ofrecemos una gran variedad de órtesis para que mejore su calidad de vida.  Las órtesis son todo tipo de aparatos , férulas, ayudas técnicas y soportes que corrigen o facilitan la ejecución de una acción, procurando ahorro de energía y mayor seguridad. Ayudan a sostener, alinear o corregir deformidades y para mejorar la función del aparato locomotor.


Mat is intended for local application.


Belt is extended in the middle part to cover lumbosacral and     stomach areas.

Cap / Extended Cap

Cap covers head, neck, ears and forehead till superciliary arch.
Extended cap covers cervical vertebras.


Shorts cover lower abdomen, pelvic and upper leg area.


Waistcoat covers body till the coccyx.

Bootlegs / Short Bootlegs

Bootlegs cover legs from the ankle to the mid-thigh.
Short bootlegs cover legs from the ankle to the knee.


Oversleeves cover arms to and above the elbows.


Pelerine with a stand-up collar covers the shoulder girdle, chest and neck including occipital area.


Knee-caps are of two types

Energy Sleeping Bag

To be delivered with an additional cotton insert lining

Physiotherapeutic Bandage

Physiotherapeutic bandage is available in two sizes: small and standard. To be delivered with two cotton covers.


Slippers have the thick sole


Mittens cover hands and arms to the mid forearms

Boots / Thick-soled boots

Boots cover feet and ankle-joint areas.

Energy Blanket

Available in three sizes

Energy Blanket with Two Screening Layers (New model 2014)

Available in three sizes

Energy Compound Horse-Cloth

RITM-ULM Energy Compound Horse-Cloth is based on metalized film. The horsecloth covers the largest part of the horse’s corpus. It provides good therapeutic effect. To be delivered together with a cotton pad.